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Alanna S. Graboyes: asgraboyes@gmail.com

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    Alanna S. Graboyes               asgraboyes@gmail.com           asgraboyesart.com

Growing up by the ocean in Far Rockaway, New York, the world’s finest art was only a subway token away. My teachers were some of the great abstract expressionists of the 20th Century, along with the towers and the subway trestles, the streets and the bridges, the roller coasters and long-extinct pastries of mid-century Brooklyn. Their insights gave me lenses for viewing the world around me, and the means to project those visions onto canvas, paper, and silk.

My inspirations are everywhere: the shadow of a cloud, the high desert of New Mexico, the colors of an insect, the fog and mist, lettering, the sound of words, color, texture, line, shape, and space. My compositions borrow elements from a procession of art style periods: Medieval, Baroque, Renaissance, Cubism, Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Fauvism, Pop Art, Conceptualism. My paintings begin with photographs that evolve into abstraction, preserving the spirit, but not the form, of the original composition.

As a professional textile designer, I combined my love of color, design and fabric. This experience helped me appreciate abstraction and share that understanding with students. I see patterns, colors, and designs everywhere: vibrant ethnic fashion, designer hand-painted sunglasses, and eve the scale patterns on fresh fish in an outdoor fish market. Travel informs my current work, and memories of Provence, Spain, Florida, New England, and—more than any other place—the Southwestern U.S. inhabit my works. More recently, studies of East Asian painting and design philosophy have changed the way I work—how I hold brushes and how I approach the painting surface. Whether on canvas, heavy watercolor paper, delicate rice paper, masonite, or silk, these works distill the experiences of my life.





older works:  http://asgraboyes-archives.blogspot.com


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