Alanna S. Graboyes – Alexandria, Virginia                   ETSY:

I specialize in using acrylic, watercolor, ink, and silk paint to create hand painted silk charmeuse scarves.  I also work with merino wool and fine silk to create wraps and scarves.


Born in Brooklyn and raised by the ocean in Far Rockaway, Queens, the world’s finest art was only a subway token away. At Queens College, I studied painting under some of the 20th century’s revolutionary abstract expressionists and art historians.  My masterful professors inspired me to continue studying art history and draw upon the skills of the masters for inspiration.  I was a textile designer in NYC.; co-authored the first definitive book on the New York SoHo art district; worked with the library collections of the Museum of Modern Art (NY), the Metropolitan Museum of Art (NY), and Columbia University (NY); Years after, I taught information technology and helped design libraries for digital-age students in Richmond, VA and Northern VA


Throughout my life textile designs have influenced and inspired me.  Beginning early in my life, I’ve saved fabric obtained through travels from around the world and I continue to study fabric designs, both contemporary and ancient. Beyond textiles my inspiration comes from: cave paintings, Egyptian wall paintings, classical Greek vases, Roman frescoes, indigenous paintings, pottery, city lights and architecture, and especially the hypnotic light falling on ancient ruins of the Desert Southwest.   My recent studies have been with East Asian painting – the use of space, the sparsity of brushstrokes, and even to hold a paintbrush differently to achieve changes in line and movement.




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