Rebirth of Color RYB


Rebirth of Color: Red
Rebirth of Color: Yellow
Rebirth of Color: Blue
Rebirth of Color: RYB

Acrylic on canvas
24”x36” x 3/4″ framed

$650 ($2000 for set of 4 – Rebirth series, Red, Blue, Yellow, RYB)

Rebirth of Color: Red, Yellow, Blue, and RYB celebrate the energy within primary colors. When mixed together, with varying degrees (plus black and white) causes the birth of other colors.  The push and pull technique used in the painting creates an energy as forceful as the big bang. (well maybe not as forceful).


re-birth-of-color-lizzie-judging   re-birth-of-color-lizzie-final-sniff
critique                            final sniff approval

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