Tail of the Firebird (Sold)

Tail of the Firebird

Acrylic on canvas

“Tail of the Firebird” is based on a famous myth from Slavic folklore. Across countries and over time, the details of the bird’s story change. The huge bird usually has magical powers, and, often, a tail of red, orange, and yellow, glowing like a flame. In some tellings, the bird’s feathers literally burn throughout its life. Some say it has the shape of a falcon and the feathers of a golden pheasant or peacock—feathers that continuing glowing even after being plucked. In one story, the bird angers the Tsar by eating precious golden apples from the trees in the imperial garden—apples that prevent aging and give strength to all who eat them. It’s this version that I had in mind in this painting. 



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