Illumination – Arches (Utah)

Illumination – Arches

Acrylic on Clay board, framed to 9″x9″


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Illumination: Arches – Utah

Acrylic painting on clayboard.
Framed, painting behind plexiglas, and ready to hang.

Arches National Park provides a natural illumination painting. Arches within arches.

The layout follows the geometric proportions of a page from an illuminated medieval manuscript (thus the name Illumination).

Pages within the medieval manuscripts usually had a decorative border followed by text or an illustration with a painting within the frame.

Clayboard is a hardboard covered in kaolin clay ground (similar to the surfaces used during the Renaissance. The surface is sanded and extremely smooth. surface which could be scratched after painting. I painted the surface in thin layers of acrylic paint, rubbed portions away, and even scratched through it to add contrast and texture.

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