The Original


36″x24″ framed
Acrylic on canvas

$660 + tax, shipping

Nathan’s Original Frankfurters. In Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY there is a special place. A restaurant that served the best frankfurters I ever had – at least I remember it to have the best hot dogs. A short while ago I visited New York and my cousin asked me where I would like to go. My upmost request was to go to Nathans in Coney Island. (I now live in Virginia). It’s true that Nathans Frankfurters are sold in every supermarket – but that’s not the same. You have to experience the entire ambiance of the now giant hot dog stand near one of the original and great amusement parks.   It is still the best frankfurter — my memory did not exaggerate the taste I remembered. Mustard – sauerkraut – and near the beach. Perfect.

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Author: asgraboyes

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