Deconstructing Abstract Art – Graboyes Art Classes

I’ve just begun teaching a series of abstract art classes to adults. Each class covers one topic and is independent of the other, but, if taken as a group the student will hopefully walk away with a toolkit on how to produce his/her own abstract paintings with confidence.  The topics for the art sequence is: color, line, shapes, space, and texture.

This week I had fun planning the first two-hour class on color and it appeared that the students had as much fun learning about various aspects of color as I did. As adults we rarely spend two-hours thinking and exploring anything. During this class we analyzed color, had discussions about color, and thought about all the colors that are possible to mix with only three primary.

art class 1

Perhaps looking at a tree, after this lesson, will not look like the same tree after the color lesson, e.g. the tree isn’t just green anymore – now there is yellow, a bit of blue. Watch how the tree color changes yet again in the sun or in the shade.

The 5 classes have just ended and I had so much fun. It was so exciting to see how their artwork developed through each activity, and how each student began to develop his/her own style.  Each student interpreted my instructions differently — how wonderful. .

Here are some images from each class:

line 3   space 1 1   space 2 3       texture 5

shapes 4     space 1 4   space 2 1    texture 1


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